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about me

I'm a scientist and a freelance communicator. I have been trying out new ways of communicating science. This quest has so far lead to production of:

- > award-winning stand-up shows at national/international competitions

- > more than 10 theater plays, tens of performances

-> stand-up show all around Europe

- > "science by dance" shows

- > two photography exhibitions

- > short movies

- > two years of weekly science articles in local/national newspapers

-> tens of workshops & boot camps

-> close to 100 talks given all around the world



AgroScience GmbH & Uni-Heidelberg - Project Leader since 2018

Freelance Science Communicator (Wissenschaftskommunikatoren) 

Past Work

Uni - Würzburg

DKFZ - German Cancer Research Center

COS - Heidelberg University

EMBL - Heidelberg

EMBL/EBI -Cambridge

EMBL - Rome 

Mayo Clinic-Florida

Max Planck Institute - Göttingen

San Raffaele Research Institute - Milano

Thorlab Bilkent - Ankara

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