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A well -structured communication training program for skilled workers.

scicomHD is designed for people, who present valuable ideas, future concepts, novel solutions, groundbreaking research. 


3C philosophy of scicomHD is based getting aware of your own resources to give authentic speeches with a rich content, an absolute clarity and an inspiring carisma.


If you are going to give an important talk/presentation, we are here to help you deliver it in the most successful way. 

After analysing your presentation or text of your talk in detail, you will be offered solutions to get the best out of your content. 


Moreover, you will witness how your talk/presentation will evolve into a show-stopper as you practice with us.


If you want to deliver the most impressive talks but you do not know where to begin with, you are exactly at the right place:

Online workshops are a three partite training program, which issues an authentic scicomHD certificate at the end.

Online workshops cover:

1) The three golden rules of science communication

2) The art of talking

3) The show-stoppers!


2-day-long intensive science/technical communication training for academia and industry. 

7h+7h long scicomHD bootcamp program is a theater based public speaking training developed to advance the communication competence of skilled workers and grad students to a whole complete level. 

Among more than 100 participants from 5 different continents and 35 different countries, who have taken part in the bootcamps, many were awarded at scientific conferences, regional and national public speaking competitions. 

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